Friday, 8 June 2012

Unasked Questions
Yesterday night perhaps i cried,
Reason is still blurred.
The pillow at bedhead made me feel the tactility,  
How someone was crying vehemently...
Over and over again he shows me his intimacy to know the reason of those tears,
Perhaps his cottons are still drenched...
The crinkle of bed sheet alludes toward those malaise inflections,
How someone was living suffocative...
Both narrate the inquisitiveness of darkness,
How she was waiting for dawn to see my tears...
Morrow arrived after the sorrow,
Perhaps the same I, preparing to go out and to explore the answers of all these entangled questions so that I, my pillow and my bed sheet would get a sound sleep...

Thursday, 5 January 2012


तुम बिछड़ गए,
तुम बिसर गए ,
ख़्वाबो की अनगिनत लड़ियों में....

धूलों से सनी यादों को, मैंने है आज तराशा,
कुछ यादें जीवन की है, कौतुहल सी मचाती,
कुछ चेहरे जिनसे, रिश्ते टूट गए ,
कुछ चेहरे जिनसे. रिश्ते उलझ गए,
कुछ चेहरे जो हमें छोड़ गए,
कुछ चेहरे जो अब याद नहीं...

तुम बिछड़ गए,
तुम बिसर गए ,
ख़्वाबो की अनगिनत लड़ियों में....

जीवन की इन पगडंडियों पर,
कुछ घड़ियाँ जो अब साथ नहीं,
कुछ घड़ियाँ जो अब पास नहीं,
कुछ घड़ियाँ जो अब रास नहीं...

तुम बिछड़ गए,
तुम बिसर गए ,
ख़्वाबो की अनगिनत लड़ियों में....

जिंदगी के कई मुकामों से,
इकठ्ठे कुछ सामान
जिंदगी के कई मुहानों से,
इकठ्ठे कुछ ज्ञान
जिंदगी के कई रंग से,
इकठ्ठे कुछ एहसास.....

तुम बिछड़ गए,
तुम बिसर गए ,
ख़्वाबो की अनगिनत लड़ियों में....


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Why didn’t you give them a heart?
Which can beat concurrently with us.

Why didn’t you produce me through the womb of an affluent?
Which is flamboyant for these ostentatious.
Why didn’t you make me a male?
Which would bring delusional gratification for them.
Why didn’t you impart me a white skin?
Which would change their livid apperception.

Why didn’t you bless them with a wit?
Which can see a single human in us.

Why didn’t you give me a caste?
Which is superior for these inferiors.
Why didn’t you assign me a religion?
Which is worshiped by these imbecilic rioters.
Why didn’t you nurture me a language?
Which is dulcet to these deaf.

Why didn’t you bestow me that appellation?
Which would rule over them.
Why didn’t you inhabit me to a province?
Which is sophisticated for these stick in the mud.
Why didn’t you raise me in a country?
Which is heaven for these doofus citizenry.

Why didn’t you give them a spirit?
Which can feel the solidarity.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Finally Aloof??

It all started
When my heart was just a heart...
A heart that was meant to beat & pump.
Abruptly some intuitional premonition of your presence instigated it to feel…
A sensation which were commanded by you,
A feeling which had never been experienced,
A face which had never been a fluttered, 
 A heart beat which had never been so nimbled,
 A mind which had never been slaved by heart,
 An utterance which had never been faltered by any eyes,
Seldom we used to talk often I used to think...
You were the reason of my delectation
You were the reason of my optimism
You were the reason of my celebration
You were the reason of my incessant smile
You were the omnipresent shadow of my life
I never dared to ratify my feelings
I knew truth is bitter
I knew I can’t withstand by it
Ultimately my desperation provoked me to dare…….
And here I am tacit & pondering.
Everybody is saying to entomb all memories
But how can I forget those beautiful smiles?
How can I leave those captivating eyes?
How can I erase those beautiful memories?
You are still in me